Monday, March 07, 2011

Days of Action for San Sebastián Bachajón

UPDATE Apr 10: The Other Campaign adherent community of San Sebastián Bachajón took back control of their toll booth on Friday but on Saturday were again forcibly displaced by over 800 members of the police and military. In addition to the remaining five political prisoners being held in miserable conditions, the community is now also concerned with the disappearance of three members during Saturday's raid. It is in light of this that Movement for Justice in El Barrio has called for 5 MORE Global Days of Action in Solidarity with San Sebastián Bachajón following the first five they successfully convened from April 1-5.

UPDATE Mar 10: Movement for Justice in El Barrio has just confirmed that five of the ten prisoners have been released. The other five are still being held so let's keep the pressure on to free them ALL!

Convoked by Movement for Justice in El Barrio, events and actions are being held around the world today and tomorrow to demand the freedom of the political prisoners of San Sebastián Bachajón and in honor of the women of the Other Campaign. Groups from South Africa, Puerto Rico, the Phillipines, Austria, Morocco, France, Scotland, Germany, Colombia, London, Barcelona, Dorset, Argentina, New York City and various states in Mexico -including the community of San Sebastián Bachajón- have confirmed their participation.

Four of the ten prisoners have just been freed -> Let's keep it going! You can learn more and spread the word about this struggle through the video message above.

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