Thursday, February 19, 2009

International Women's Day & More

NYC's Movement for Justice in El Barrio premieres their latest video "From Across the Border: Our Resistance Against Global Displacement" at the First World Festival of Dignified Rage in Mexico (photo: Kate Cardona)

International Women's Day 2009 is coming up (March 8th ya'll) and the zapatista communities are cooking up "MAMÁ CORRAL: A POLITICAL, SPORTING, CULTURAL AND ARTISTIC EVENT" -> this is a women's event named after Doña Concepción García de Corral, a recently deceased member of the Mothers of the Disappeared of Chihuahua and an adherent to the Other Campaign. Check out the whole announcement here and a story for Mamá Corral from Subcomandante Marcos here. The gathering is specifically honoring MAMAS IN THE STRUGGLE(!) and looks to be a great follow-up to the First Encounter of the Zapatista Women and the Women of the World, which was named after Comandanta Ramona and took place just a little over a year ago.

Here in NYC, Movement for Justice in El Barrio is doing its part this March 8th (SAVE THE DATE!) as well with the NYC premiere of their new video, "From Across the Border: Our Resistance Against Global Displacement"... details below and updates coming soon.

In other news, Atenco's Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra (Peoples' Front in Defense of the Land) has launched a National and International Campaign for the Freedom of Atenco's Prisoners (translation coming soon). In case you don't remember, the FPDT was the organization that led a successful movement in 2002 to protect Atenco (on the outskirts of Mexico City) from being taken over by the Mexican Government and converted into an airport. In 2006, this town in rebellion joined the Other Campaign and were soon brutally attacked. They struggle now to free the thirteen people who remain imprisoned as a result of this repression.

Also wanna give a shout out to fellow Regeneración Childcare NYC member, Elliott Liu, who has just published a piece, "Everybody Wants a New Old Left," in response to several Left proposals for organization in the US released in the past year. Liu draws upon the zapatistas, amongst many other movements, as an example of a left social-political movement that has successfully integrated, applied and innovated on lessons learned over the past few decades of anti-capitalist struggle and reflection.


More info to come…

Sunday, March 8th at 7:00 PM

LaGuardia Memorial House
307 E. 116th St. Btw. 1st and 2nd Ave
Take 6 train to 116th St.

Join us for International Women’s Day!

Movement for Justice in El Barrio

Presents the NYC premiere of:


We shared our struggle across borders when we held our international premiere in Chiapas at:


We will share some of our experiences at the festival and present a special video message from the community of San Salvador Atenco three years after they suffered brutal state repression and are still fighting for the liberation of their political prisoners.

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