Tuesday, September 16, 2008

3rd Anniversary of the Other Campaign

UPDATE Oct 30 '08: find additional information on the itinerary of the First Global Festival of Dignified Rage and how to participate here.

Three years ago today, the first plenary session of the Other Campaign was held in the zapatista Caracol of La Garrucha in Chiapas, Mexico. Following six weekends of gatherings -approximately 106 hours of listening- the Other Campaign was launched to transform Mexico "from Below and to the Left." Amongst the initial adherents were 55 political organizations of the left, 103 indigenous organizations and Mexican Indian peoples, 162 social organizations and movements, 453 non-governmental or collective groups and organizations, and 1624 people who came as individuals or representing their family, neighborhood, or community...

Perhaps this is the new normal for zapagringo - a post a month? Two communiques from the EZLN have just been released... there will be much more to say about these in the coming months... here are links to their English versions:

#1: EZLN Communique on Political Prisoners
#2: EZLN Announces "First Global Festival of Dignified Rage"

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