Friday, October 24, 2008

NYC's Dignified Rage

Teach-in & Concert in solidarity with the EZLN's upcoming Global Festival of Dignified Rage

Just because you haven't seen much here doesn't mean that nothing's happening... So much is going down in fact that it's hard to make the time to write it up and get it out -> There's some "dignified rage," as the zapatistas say, flowing through New York City:

  • Right now the Friends of Brad Will are staging a dry hunger strike outside Senator Hillary Clinton's Midtown Manhattan office. They are demanding the arrest of Brad Will's actual murderers, that the Oaxacan activists recently arrested and charged with his murder be released with all charges dropped, and an end to the capitalist trade agreements (NAFTA, CAFTA), development plans (Mesoamerica Project), and security programs (Merida Initiative) that his murder and the current repression protect.
  • -just announced- Sunday and Monday (Oct 26 & 27)
    Remember Brad Will & All Those Killed & Disappeared in Oaxaca

    • Sunday at 6:00 pm
      La Plaza Garden
      9th Street Between B and C
      (Rain Location St. Mark's Church Parish Hall)

    • Monday at 12 Noon
      Protest & Press Conference
      Mexican Consulate
      27 East 39 Street Between Madison & Park Ave.

    Actions and events are planned in New York City, Minneapolis, MN, Tucson, AZ, Eugene, OR, Santa Cruz, CA, and Oaxaca, Mexico. Check out the National Call to Action from members of Solidarity Without Borders, Friends and Family of Sali, and Friends of Brad Will.

Movement for Justice in El Barrio has received an invitation to present at the aforementioned "Global Festival of Dignified Rage" taking place at th end of this year and beginning of next in Mexico City and in Chiapas in the zapatista Caracol of Oventic and its neighboring city of San Cristobal de las Casas. A review of MJB's work this year, as well as a request for financial support as they prepare for this journey, and some thoughts on the Festival itself are all in the works here at Zapagringo - please stay casually tuned in :-)

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