Thursday, January 27, 2011

Secret Survivors

Ping Chong & Company's SECRET SURVIVORS
Saturday, March 12 at El Museo del Barrio

UPDATE Feb 12: A month out and the 600 seats are already booked up, as well as the 30 person waiting list. If you really want to catch the performance it'd be worth it to call El Museo and see what they say or just come early day of the show -> I bet you'll get in... Oh yeah, and the Egyptian people forced Mubarak to step down - HA!

Amita began gathering us well over a year ago. A friend, an acquaintance or a friend of a friend who she may have heard a stray word about. All of us survivors of child sexual abuse.

Walking through the doors for our first weekend of storytelling, I was relieved to see two old friends, Gabby Callender and LL Gimeno, and a friendly new face, Di Sands, were the other collaborators who'd responded to Amita's invitation. Working with Sara Zatz and the rest of the team at Ping Chong & Company, an artist-run, experimental theatre company that has been innovating for over 35 years from its home in lower Manhattan, we created Secret Survivors. Our five stories woven into a recent history of resilient survivorship...

Come see us perform Secret Survivors in El Museo del Barrio's historic and beautiful 600-seat theatre on the evening of Saturday, March 12. The show is free, just RSVP -> full details here. Invite anyone who you feel might benefit from the experience and conversations that will follow.

As I've detailed elsewhere, this work is one way I've aligned my life with the zapatista struggle.

Shout outs to the zapatistas as they begin their 18th year above ground, building a new world amidst the ongoing war against them; most recently in the form of false allegations linking them to a high-profile kidnapping. And following a prolonged silence, Moisés and Marcos have just issued a communique honoring the Bishop Samuel Ruiz, who passed away on Monday, and his community of liberation theologists.

And, of course, shout outs to rebel North Africa in this bright and uncertain hour. Our brother Ahmad Shokr is reporting direct from Cairo.

If we in some way identify with the zapatistas, then we must ask ourselves what it truly means for us, and for the communities of which we are a part, to be rebellious.

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