Thursday, April 02, 2009

Homeland Hip Hop!

Big ups to the Palestine Education Project for pulling this together!

Is this not the hip hop show of the year?! And not only that, it's also a fundraiser for an indigenous youth delegation to Palestine -> this is the real deal: SNAG Magazine, Huaxtec and Haskell Indian Nations University are headed to Palestine this August and you can help them get there while enjoying the show of the year... it sold out last year so get your tix ahead of time here.

And if you don't know...

DAM is Palestine's premier hip hop crew
-> an early, and great track - with an action/video a la Public Enemy's Fight the Power- represents for their hometown of Lyd - check out Born Here. And they're also featured in a little film called Slingshot Hip Hop :p

Invincible & Finale are Detroit's finest
-> Here's their Docu-Music-Video, Locusts, breaking down gentrification in the D. Also make sure to listen to Emperor's New Clothes, Invincible's emergency response to the bombing of Gaza.

Rebel Diaz are an inspiration hailing from many, many places. With Chilean and Afro-Taino roots, Rebel Diaz are Chicago transplants holding it down here in the South Bronx...
-> They regularly rep their many homes and loyalties on songs such as Which Side Are You On?, and are also no strangers to the timely response - check out A Trillion - that's 12 zeros :-)

And last but definitely not least is Brooklyn's own DJ Oja on the 1s and 2s
-> and his band/movement, Earthdriver, just dropped an album. you know.

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