Monday, April 28, 2008

50 Shots... Piensalo con Calma

Three of the five NYPD officers involved in the 50 shot murder of Sean Bell were acquitted on all counts on Friday... needless to say, we're outraged. The text messages went out and many of us converged on the DA's office deep in Queens before marching to Club Kalua where Bell and two of his friends were shot by the NYPD. All kinds of initiatives popping up now to respond... among them are several led by artists, including 50 Artists for 50 Shots coming up on Saturday.

Relatedly, Simón Sedillo, a former housemate of mine and the inspiration behind the El Enemigo Común website in support of the struggles in Oaxaca, has just turned in another fine piece of work in this video for Rebel Díaz's Piensalo con Calma. If you haven't checked out Rebel Díaz yet, here's your chance... if you already know, then look again cuz they just relased their second mixtape "Otro Guerrillero Vol. 2" (a photo of the EZLN is the cover for Volume 1)...

That's all for now... I'm making up for lost time here at zapagringo with a beefed up post for last week and some original writing coming up for the next! And if you are in the NYC area and have not registered for the Enter the Intergalactic class I'll be facilitating every Wednesday evening in June, then what the f*ck are you waiting for?! Also check out the Womyn of Color and Allies Reportback from the 1st Zapatistas' Womyn's Encuentro this Wednesday - both the class in June and this week's reportback are at the Brecht Forum.

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