Monday, February 25, 2008

3 Zap Tours in the USA and Beyond

Gloria Muñoz Ramírez brings 'The Fire and the Word' to Oxnard, CA

There are at least three Zapatista-related tours taking place within the USA right now:

Campaign EZLN: The Fire and the Word - Acclaimed Mexican journalist Gloria Muñoz Ramírez, who devoted seven years of her life to working in the zapatista communities and currently writes a column for La Jornada covering "struggles from below" throughout the world, is touring the USA and beyond to share the history of rebellion of the zapatistas and to raise money to support projects of the zapatistas' Councils of Good Government. She is bringing with her a video, a photo exhibit, a book, and a musical collection. This is a really unique opportunity that should not be missed - keep an eye on the website for when the tour is coming your way... or get in touch with them to see if you can arrange a stop in your town.

"Beyond Resistance: Everything" Book Tour: The Zapatistas, The Other Campaign, and US - El Kilombo Intergaláctico, a people of color collective and social center in Durham, North Carolina, have just published their first book and are touring the East Coast to discuss what a movement from below might look like in the US. What more do you need to know? Get the book and book the tour!

From East Harlem to Southern California Tour - Movement for Justice in El Barrio are kicking off an incredibly ambitious year with this tour to dialogue and connect with people fighting gentrification in Southern California and to build their International Campaign in Defense of El Barrio. Check out the bottom of this post to see a run down of everything they have in store in the coming months, including tours of Texas, the UK and Mexico. Prepare to join the International Campaign in Defense of El Barrio!

Also worth mentioning is the CAPISE tour of the US and Europe on the current repression against the zapatistas, which I covered in the body and comments of this post and got a recent write up in The Indypendent.

Looks like we've got 3 or 4 more tools to heat things up on the international front. Here's what some groups in Europe are planning... what are we doing in the USA?! To be continued...

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