Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Slingshot Hip Hop @ Sundance

UPDATE Mar 3 '08: Slingshot Hip Hop is having its NYC premiere on April 5th and 6th as part of the MoMA's New Directors/New Films Exhibition... tickets go on sale March 7th!

Just back from the Sundance Film Festival where we screened Slingshot Hip Hop to seven sold out crowds, got the five artists we could get out of Palestine in front of as many cameras and microphones as possible, and just generally brought the Palestinian struggle for self-determination to Park City, Utah in a way no one had ever done before :-)

Check out the excellent video spot above (give it a sec to load)... and then check out THESE PICS!

As you can see, we covered a lot of ground in 10 days... and I've never been more exhausted! Coming back now I've gotta put a plug in for the Graffiti Research Lab -these cats were super helpful, creative collaborators the whole way through (1,2,3)- AND "The Sleep Dealer" -the first sci-fi film i've ever seen made from an oppressed people's perspective (Does Sun Ra's "Space is the Place" count?)... it's nothing short of incredible... I can't wait for everyone I know to see Sleep Dealer! Or Slingshot Hip Hop for that matter, so...

If you can make it to NYC, help keep the fiercely independent Slingshot Hip Hop caravan rolling by coming out to our events this weekend that are a part of Israeli Apartheid Week- please spread the word!


Andrew said...

A very important question here is - when do I get to see this damn documentary :-D? I've been watchin' it develop since 2003/04 on Jackie's personal website :-O. CANNNNN'TTTT WAAAIITTTTT

yvonnegrapher said...

My heart is bursting with pride for you and Ora. Congrats, and good luck with the film!


RJ Maccani said...

I can't wait for you two to see the movie!!! There will be an NYC premiere in early April -- keep an eye on the Slingshot Hip Hop website for details on that screening and beyond... thanks for the support!