Wednesday, June 13, 2007

See You Soon?

Late again this week. If you're like me, you're hustlin' right now to make this first ever US Social Forum truly "a light within."

I'm also excited to be attending the Allied Media Conference for the first time (and it will be the conference's first time in Detroit too!). So, in the interest of stalling for more time to finish a follow-up piece to last year's article on Movement for Justice in El Barrio, here's some of the stuff I'll be at in the next couple of weeks:

The Allied Media Conference, June 22-24, Detroit...
Find me at Bridging the Gap: International Solidarity and Alternative Media in Mexico AND pick up a bundle of bi-lingual (spanish/english), newspaper-style editions of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle to give to your people back home.

The US Social Forum, June 27-July 1, Atlanta...
If I'm not hanging out with kids as part of the Another Politics Is Possible Delegation, you can find me attending/presenting at these workshops I'm helping to put together:

* Stepping Up to Stop the Violence: Men Taking Action on Male Supremacy

* Bridging the Gap: International Solidarity and Alternative Media in Mexico (REPEAT...also another opportunity to get copies of the Sexta, as mentioned above.)

* Another Politics Is Possible: Living the Vision from Below and to the Left (Possibly yet another chance to get those Sextas!)

* Ending Male Supremacy: Visions of Change, Strategies of Resistance

* Allies at Intersections: Radical Solidarity

* Using Digital Storytelling to Challenge Male Supremacy

Yeah, it's gonna be crazy...See you soon?

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