Sunday, March 11, 2007

Love & Struggle

A Special Message from the Lacandon Jungle

Ha, Ha! Thanks to Max from the Left Turn Magazine editorial collective for putting that little video together for the Ora & RJ 10th Anniversary/Purim/Birthday Par-Tay we threw last weekend with the help of many, many friends (big ups to my lil' sis, Shalva). It was a personal is political moment with our unorthodox relationship on the chopping block and some money raised for the Panther 8 Defense Fund and the US/Palestine Youth Solidarity Network.

The relationship slideshow from LT co-editor, Francesca, is back up in a new, safe-for-the-whole family version and *of course* here's my special drag performance for Ora! Shout outs to my co-conspirators Ayden & Naomi (and Kelli on wardrobe!)

Pictures from the party are up at Frankie's Flicks and what would the night have been without some words of wisdom from Ashanti, care of a pseudonymously-released pamphlet from 1985!

All party, no wedding...thanks for the good times, ya'll!


ngl said...

hey rj,
i finally caved and made a blog. this stuff is great! it was fun working with you...i'll be back for the wardrobe in a couple of weeks!

Anonymous said...

The video was great! Congratulations you two!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! The stuff was great - loved RJ in drag :). Hope you two are well!